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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, November 7, 1945
    [Public Papers: Letter to the Chairman, House Appropriations Committee, Concerning the Need for Additional Funds for Advance Planning of Public Works]
11:00 am Regional Directors of the Farm Security Administration:
Mr. Frank Hancock, Administrator; Mr. Robert W. Hudgens,
Assoc. Admin.; Mr. C. Stott Noble, Ass. Admin.; Mr.
Stephen C. Hughes, Asst. Admin.; Mr. Norman Johnson, Asst.
Admin.; Mr. James H. Wood, Reg. Dir., Phila.; Mr. Thomas C.
Schmidt, Reg. Dir., Milwaukee; Mr. Geo. J. Reuss, Reg. Dir.,
Indianapolis; Mr. John B. Slack, Reg. Dir., Raleigh, NC;
Mr. Ernest S. Morgan, Reg. Dir., Montgomery, Ala.; Mr. E.B.
Whitaker, Reg. Dir., Little Rock; Mr. Cal. A. Ward, Reg.
Dir., Lincoln, Nebr.; Mr. E. Lee Ozbirn, Reg. Dir., Dallas;
Mr. R.W. Hollenberg, Reg. Dir., San Francisco; Mr. Floyd F.
Higbee, Reg. Dir., Denver; Mr. Walter A. Duffy, Reg. Dir.,
Portland; Mr. Ray E. Davis, Reg. Dir., Amarillo, Tex.;
Mr. Dale B. Jacques, Reg. Dir., San Juan, PR;
(Having meeting in Washington and wish to pay respects)
11:30 am Hon. L. Welch Pogue, Chrmn., Civil Aeronautics Board
12:00 pm H.E. Senor Dr. Don Antonio Espinosa de los Monteros, the
newly appointed Ambassador of Mexico
(Assumed duties of his office - to present letters of
12:15 pm Mr. William R. Enyart, Pres., Nat. Aeronautic Assoc.;
Mr. Wm. P. Redding
(To present to the President gold engraved life membership
in Nat. Aeronautic Assoc.)
12:30 pm Mr. Harold H. Hamilton, Nat.Commdr. Mil. Order of the
Purple Heart; Mr. John W. Anderson; Mr. Ralph A. Collins
(To give views of organization on medical and hospital
care, and a Veterans Medical Center, and to present framed
copy of letter from John W. Anderson to Gen. MacArthur
as reconsitutor of the Purple Heart Medal, first military
decoration of the U.S., originally ordered by George
12:45 pm Executive Committee of the Gridiron Club:
Mr. Lyle Wilson, United Press; Mr. Paul R. Leach,
Chicago Daily News; Mr. Richard Wilson, Des Moines
Register and Tribune; Mr. Lewis Wood, N.Y.Times;
Mr. Kirk L. Simpson, AP; Mr. Raymond P. Brandt, St.
Louis Post Dispatch; Mr. Walker S. Buel, Cleveland Plain
Dealer (to extend invitation to the President to attend
their dinner)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:00 pm The Postmaster General [Robert E. Hannegan]
3:30 pm The Secretary of State [James F. Byrnes]
4:30 pm (Leave for Capitol to attend opening of Radio
Correspondent's new gallery)

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