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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Tuesday, November 6, 1945
9:30 am (Mr. Gjon Mili - artist to work on portrait of the
President for the magazine "Fortune")
11:00 am Mr. Preston Lane, Democratic National Committeeman for
Maryland (Indicated to Mr. Hannegan that he wished
to see the President)
11:30 am Members of the Adjutants General Association as follows:
Arthur R. Wilson, Maj. Gen., USA, Office Chief of Staff;
Lt. Col.John Q. Stagg, State Property Officer, Old Capital
Bldg., Jackson, Miss.; Brig.Gen. Ralph Hays, The Adjutant
General, Jackson, Miss.; Brig. Gen. James C. Dozier, AGD,
Columbia, S.C.; Maj.Gen.Rufus E. Fort, State Capitol,
Nashville, Tenn.; Col. Sherwood Dixon, Gen. Staff Corps,
3D977 Pentagon Bldg. of Dixon, Ill.; Maj.Gen. Leo M. Boyle,
Springfield, Ill.; Lt.Col.Gene S. Olmsted, Nat.Guard Policy
Committee, Danville, Ill.; Col. Matthew F. Murphy, State
Office Bldg., No.1, Sacramento, Calif.; Lt.Col. Edward V.
Condon, 3546 So. Utah, Arlington, Va.; Col. John L. Hann.
Nat. Guard Bureau; Maj. Vernon B. Vaden, Nat. Guard Bur.;
Col. Elbridge Colby, 2480 16th St., N.W., Wash.,D.C.;
Col. Walter F. Adams, 4232 43rd St., N.W., Wash., D.C.;
Col. E.J. Kimball, 1650 Harvard St., N.W., Wash., D.C.;
Brig.Gen.D.F.Pancoast, State House, Columbus, O.; Brig.Gen.
John A. Cutchins, Richmond, Va.; Maj.Gen. Washington
Bowie, Baltimore, Md.; Miss Beth Tanner, Exec.Sec.,Nat.
Guard Assoc., 1025 Conn. Ave., Wash.,D.C.; Brig.Gen. James
Thibodeau, State House, Providence, R.I.; Maj.Gen.E.A.Walsh,
State Capitol, St. Paul,Minn.; Maj.Gen. Milton A. Reckord,
Baltimore, Maryland; Lt.Col. George P. Quarles, State Mil.
Dept. Montgomery, Ala.; Brig.Gen.Geo. L. Cleeye, Montgomery,
Ala.; Maj.Gen.John C. Parsons, Birmingham, Ala.; Brig.Gen.
Jay H. White, Carson City, Nev.; Maj.Gen.Geo.B.Leach,Retd.,
Minn., Minn.; Maj.Gen.Alex. M. Tuthill, AG, Phoenix, Ariz.;
Brig.Gen. Wm. J. Keville, AG, State House, Boston, Mass.;
Brig.Gen.R.B.LeLacour,AG, Hartford, Conn.; Brig.Gen.S.
Gardner Waller, AG, Richmond, Va.; Brig.Gen.LeRoy Pearson,
AG, Lansing,Mich.; Maj.Gen.Francis Petrott,AG, Baltimore and
Annapolis,Md.; Brig.Gen.J.Van B. Metts, AG, Raleigh, N.C.;
Col. Virgil C. Gordon, 3237 So. Utah St., Arlington, Va.;
Brig.Gen.Paul R. Binard,AG, Wilminton, Del.; Col. F.H.
Holden, 2141 I. St.,N.W.,Wash.,D.C.; Brig.Gen.James I.
Bowers,AG, Trenton, N.J.; Brig.Gen. Lewis B. Ballantyne,
Commdr. NJ State Guard,Newark,NJ; Col. Edgar N. Bloomer,
State Director,Sel.Ser., Trenton,NJ; Maj. Alexander H. Gool,
4000 Cathedral Ave.,Wash.,D.C.; Brig.Gen.Donald B. Adams,
6300 Beechwood Dr.,Chevy Chase,Md.; Brig.Gen.Edw. S. Bres,
Exec.Res. and ROTC Affairs,Wash.D.C.; Brig.Gen. Ray Andrew,
AG, Santa Fe, N.M.; Col.Roscoe Turner, Indiana Guard,
Lt.Col.Ben Herr, Asst.AG, Lebanon,Ind.; Col. Diller S.
Myers, Nat.Guard Bur.,Wash.,D.C.; Col. Ben H. Watt,
AG, Noblesville, Ind.; Lt.Col.W. Jefferson Davis, Liaison
officer, Army and Navy Club, Wash.,D.C.; Maj. John G. Walters,
Asst.AG, Boise, Idaho; Brig.Gen. John A. Harris, AG,
Jefferson City, Mo.; Brig.Gen. Raymond H. Fleming, State
Director,New Orleans, La.; Brig.Gen. S. Marvin Griffin,
AG, Atlanta, Ga.; Col. Norman B. Adkison, Idaho; Maj.
Brocopp, Asst.State Dir., Bismarck,N.D.; Brig.Gen. Edw. J.
Stackpole, Pa.Nat.Guard, Harrisburg,Pa.; Lt.Col. Phil L.
Rouse,Sel.Ser.System,Wash.,D.C.; Col.H.A. Rich, Sel.Ser.,
Salt Lake City; Brig.Gen.Raymond F. Olson,Acting AG,
Salem, Ore.; Col. John M. Sterling,Gen.Staff Com. on
Res. and Nat.Guard Policy, Wash.,D.C.; Col. Geo. E. Butler,
War Dept.Gen.Staff Committee on Nat.Guard and Res. Policy,
Wash.,D.C.; Brig.Gen. Victor R. Hansen, AG, Sacramento,Calif.;
Col.S.H.Mitchell, AG, Helena, Mont.; Brig.Gen. Guy
F. Henning, State Director Sel.Ser.,Lincoln, Nebr.;
Brig.Gen.Charles F. Bowen, State Dir. Sel.Ser.,Concord,
N.H.; Lt.Col.A.R. Boyack, Wyo.Sel.Ser.,Cheyenne,Wyo.;
Brig.Gen.Vivian Collins, AG, St. Augustine, Fla.; Brig.Gen.
Chas. Hines,Office Chief of Staff,Wash.,D.C.; Brig.Gen.
M.R.McLean,AG, Topeka, Kans.,; Brig.Gen.Geo. M. Carter, AG,
Augusta,Me.; Col. Jess Larson, WDES Com. on Nat.Guard Policy,
Wash.,D.C.; Maj.Gen. John F. Williams,Chief Nat.Guard
Bureau,Pentagon; Col. Edw.A.Beckwith,AG, Rapid City, S.D.;
Col. John F. Moore, Asst.AG, Columbia, S.C.; Col. Russell
Y. Moore, Gen.Staff Com. on Nat.Guard Policy, Pentagon;
Brig.Gen. Ebenezer L. Compere, State Dir. Sel.Ser.,Little
Rock; Col. J.E. Nelson,State Dir.Sel.Ser.,St.Paul; Brig.Gen.
Heber L. McAlister, AG, Little Rock; Brig.Gen.Chas. H.
Grahl, State Dir. Sel.Ser., Des Moines, Iowa; Brig.Gen.
Frazer Arnold, AG, Denver, Colo.; Lt.Col.John. O.Bradshaw,
Chief,Nat. Guard Affairs, Ames, Iowa.
12:00 pm Hon. Wayne C. Taylor
12:30 pm Mr. and Mrs. Leo Spalding
12:45 pm Mr. Henry LaCossitt, Collier's; Mr. C.C. Beale, artist
for Collier's; Mr. George Creel (To present President
with canvas of surrender scene of THE MISSOURI, painted
by Mr. Beale
1:00 pm (Lunch - Cabinet at White House)

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