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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, June 20, 1947
    [Public Papers: Veto of the Taft-Hartley Labor Bill]
10:00 am Cabinet [Meeting] [minutes]
(Dean Acheson for State; Wiggins for Treasury; Jesse Donaldson
for Post Office and Johnson for Labor)
11:00 am Senator Millard E. Tydings, Md.
Senator Chan Gurney, S. Dak.
Cong. Walter G. Andrews, N. Y.
Congressman Carl Vinson, Ga.
(This is the appointment which the President asked
to have arranged last April, but because of absence
of Congressman Vinson at that time, and later of the
President, has had to be postponed. It is with
reference to correspondence from the Secretary of War
concerning permanent commissions for certain Army
officers and also Navy.)
11:15 am Congressman Jere Cooper, Tenn.
Jere Cooper, Jr.
Anna Frances Jones
(Congressman Cooper asked Mr. Matthew Connelly if he might
bring his son in and his sister and her daughter
to meet the President)
11:30 am (Honorable Paul M. Herzog, Chairman, NLRB)
(Phoned Mr. Matthew Connelly if he might see the President
for a few minutes off record -- east entrance)
11:45 am Honorable Charles Wilson, Chairman Committee on
Civil Rights
Mr. Charles Luckman
(This was arranged sometime ago.)
12:00 pm H. E. Carlos Martins, the Ambassador of Brazil
(Honorable Stanley Woodward)
(The Ambassador wishes to invite the President to
visit Brazil)
12:15 pm H. E. Hon. Sean Nunan, the Minister of Ireland
Honorable Jos. Nunan, Commissioner of Internal Revenue
12:30 pm Honorable Millard F. Caldwell, Governor of Florida
The Secretary of Interior [Julius A. Krug]
Senator Claude Pepper, Fla.
Senator Spessard L. Holland, Fla.
(The Governor to invite the President to opening of
Everglades National Park in Florida)
1:00 pm The President invited the following to luncheon
at the White House. He wanted to talk with them
regarding the Labor Bill which he had just vetoed.
Honorable Carl A. Hatch, New Mexico
Honorable Burnet R. Maybank, South Carolina
Honorable Richard B. Russell, Ga.
Honorable William B. Umstead, North Carolina
Honorable Herbert R. O'Conor, Md.
Honorable Tom Connally, Texas
Honorable J. W. Fulbright, Arkansas
Honorable Walter F. George, Ga.
Honorable John L. McClellan, Arkansas
Honorable John H. Overton, La.
Honorable Alben W. Barkley, Kentucky
Honorable Milton R. Young, North Dakota
Honorable John J. Sparkman, Alabama
Honorable Leslie Biffle
3:15 pm (Vice Admiral Wm. W. Smith, Chairman, Maritime
(Mr. Frederick J. Lawton of the Bureau of Budget)
(Honorable John Steelman)
3:45 pm The President received the members of the
Balkan Commission:
Australia: Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Moore
Brazil: Mr. A. Mendes Vianna
China: Dr. Wunsz King
Mr. and Mrs. Sih Kwan-Tsien
Major Wang Ting-Pang
Colombia: Mr. Francisco Urrutia
France: Mr. and Mrs. Georges Daux
Mr. H. DeLimairac
Poland: Mr. Zbigniew Gawrak-Czeczot
United Kingdom: Mr. R. T. Windle
Mr. G. Clutton
Miss Woodward
USSR: Mr. Kudriaztsev
Greece: Mr. and Mrs. Alexandre Kyrou
Mr. George Phylactopoulos
Mr. Byron Theodoropoulos
United Nations: Colonel Roscher-Lund
Mr. Gottesman
United States: Mr. Mark Ethridge
State Department: Mr. Onschuetz
Mr. Howard
Mr. Bancroft
Mr. Baxter
Mr. Breckinridge
Mr. Bloomfield
4:00 pm Garden Party for Veterans
10:00 pm Radio Address on Labor Bill
[ Audio: MP3]
[Public Papers: Radio Address to the American People on the Veto of the Taft-Hartley Bill]

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