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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Thursday, May 25, 1950
    [Public Papers: Joint Declaration With the United Kingdom and France on the Arab States and Israel]
    [Public Papers: Statement by the President on the Joint Declaration on the Near East]
10:30 am Press and Radio Conference [Public Papers]
11:00 am Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt
11:15 am (Staff Meeting)
11:45 am (Hon. Nelson Lee Smith, Federal Power Commission)
(OFF RECORD. Mr Dawson will bring in)
12:00 pm General Wade H. Haislip, Vice Chief of Staff
(Recently Sir Basil Brooke, Prime Minister of Northern
Ireland, while on visit here, presented to Vice Chief
of Staff a silver replica of a monument erected at
Belfast commemorating landing in Northern Ireland of
first U.S. troops to enter Theatre of Operations, in
January 1942. This plinth inscribed "Presented by
the Government of Northern Ireland to the President
of the United States of America, Commander in Chief
of the Armed Forces." This plinth also possesses
utilitarian value in form of desk ink set. Since it
was desired keep presentation on nonpolitical basis
Gen. Haislip, as former Senior Officer of American
Armed Forces in Northern Ireland during this period,
was designated to receive it on behalf of United States
Armed Forces for transmittal to the President.
Mr. Connelly checked with State Department before
12:15 pm Hon. Henrik Shipstead, former Senator from Minnesota
(In town this week and asked Mr. Connelly if might
have opportunity to pay his respects to the President)
12:30 pm Hon. Dean Rusk, Deputy Under Secretary of State
Hon. Allen Griffin
(Arranged at suggestion of Under Secretary Webb;
Griffin, with rank of Ambassador, headed up mission
to southeast Asia, and this is to report on trip)
12:45 pm (Mr. Joseph D. Keenan, A.F. of L.)
(Asked to come in OFF RECORD)
1:00 pm (LUNCH)
3:10 pm (Hon. George Schoeneman)
3:15 pm (Mr. Fred Whitaker)
(Mr. Franklin Wagner)
(Mr. Whitaker phoned Mr. Connelly last week to ask for
3:30 pm The Secretary of Agriculture [Charles F. Brannan]
(Asked for one-half hour)
4:00 pm Mr. George Harrison, President, Union of Railroad Clerks
(Called Mr. Connelly Wednesday to ask for this)
8:15 pm (The President and Mrs. Truman left for Constitution hall
for Toscanini Concert - black tie)

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