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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, March 25, 1949
    [Public Papers: Letter to the President of the Senate and to the Speaker of the House on Establishing a Commission on the Renovation of the White House]
    [Public Papers: Statement by the President on the 128th Anniversary of the Independence of Greece]
10:00 am Cabinet [Meeting] [minutes]
(All present except the Attorney General)
10:30 am (The Secretary of the Interior [Julius A. Krug])
11:00 am Senator Kenneth McKellar, Tenn.
11:15 am Renah F. Camalier, Potentate, Almas Temple of the Shrine
Howard P. Foley, Past Potentate
Julius B. Gay, Chief Rabban and General Chairman,
Annual Shrine Circus
(To present the President with book of tickets to
Annual Shrine Circus, which begins March 28th)
11:30 am Congressman Jere Cooper, Tenn.
Dr. Edward Preston
(Josh Lee arranged this when he called to see the
President early in March. They are to invite the
President to come to Cumberland University, and present
to him also a gavel made of wood from the bench that
Cordell Hull used while a law student at Cumberland
11:45 am Lt. General Walter Bedell Smith, U. S. Ambassador to
(Phoned Mr. Matthew Connelly Tuesday to ask for this)
12:00 pm (Honorable James Bruce, U. S. Ambassador to Argentina)
(Asked Mr. Matthew Connelly to arrange this off-the-record)
12:15 pm H. E. Dr. John M. Chang, the Ambassador of Korea
(Newly appointed)
12:30 pm Senator Dennis Chavez, New Mexico
(Asked Mr. Matthew Connelly for this, to discuss War Claims
12:45 pm Honorable John W. Kenney, Under Secretary of the Navy
(Asked Mr. Matthew Connelly to arrange this)
1:00 pm (Lunch downstairs in Executive Office)
3:00 pm (Mr. Edwin Locke)
(Off the record)
3:15 pm The President presented to Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy,
the Gold Star in lieu of the Third Distinguished Service
Medal. The ceremony was a surprise to Admiral William D. Leahy
and the following guests were present:
The Secretary of Defense [James Forrestal]
Honorable Louis Johnson
The Secretary of the Army [Kenneth C. Royall]
The Under Secretary of the Air Force
The Under Secretary of the Navy
General Omar Bradley, USA
Admiral and Mrs. Louis E. Denfeld
General Hoyt Vandenburg, USAF
General Clifton B. Cates, USMC
Vice Admiral Arthur W. Radford, USN
Major General Alfred Gruenther, USA
Captain and Mrs. W. H. Leahy
Master Robert B. Leahy
Mrs. A. F. Niblack
Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN
Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey, USN
General Carl A. Spaatz, USAF
Captain W. G. Lalor, USN
Commander W. D. Kelly, USN
Commander F. J. Blouin, USN
Miss Dorothy Ringquist
Honorable James E. Webb, The Under Secretary of State
Honorable Dan Kimball, the Assistant Secretary of the
Navy for Air
Honorable John T. Koehler, The Assistant Secretary of
the Navy
Rear Admiral Clifford A. Swanson, (MC) USN.
    [Public Papers: Citation Accompanying Distinguished Service Medal Awarded to Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy]
3:30 pm The Secretary of the Treasury [John W. Snyder]
3:45 pm (Dr. Edward Pruden)

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