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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, February 20, 1946
    [Public Papers: Statement by the President Concerning Provisions in Bill Affecting Philippine Army Veterans]
    [Public Papers: Statement by the President Upon Signing the Employment Act]
10:00 am Sen. George L. Radcliffe, Md.; Sen. Abe Murdock, Utah; Sen.
Joseph C. O'Mahoney, Wyo.; Sen. Elbert D. Thomas, Utah;
Sen. Wm. Langer, N.D.; Sen. George D. Aiken, Vt.; Cong.
Wright Patman, Tex.; Cong. Geo. E. Outland, California;
Cong. Geo. H. Bender, Ohio; Cong. Wm. H. Whittington, Miss.;
Cong. Carter Manasco, Ala.
(The President will sign the FULL EMPLOYMENT BILL - S 380)
10:30 am The Secretary of State [James F. Byrnes]; The Secretary of War [Robert P. Patterson]; The Secretary of the Navy
[James Forrestal]; Gen. Thomas T. Handy; Admiral Louis E. Denfeld;
Gen. Carl Spaatz.
(Appointment arranged through Secretary of War - to discuss
Army and Navy pay)
11:00 am Dr. Norman V. Peale, Collegiate Marble Church, New York;
Rabbi Gustave Falk, New York Federation of Reform Synagogues;
Mr. Gordon Chamberlain, representing Dr. Roswell Barnes of the
Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America; Rabbi
Herbert Goldstein, President of the Synagogue Council of
America; Most Rev. William R. Arnold, Military Ordinariate,
New York; Dr. Robert W. Searle, Director, Greater New York
Federation of Churches; Dr. Earl Adams, Exec. Sec., Protestant
Council, New York; Rev. Paul T. Tanner, Asst. Gen. Sec., National
Catholic Welfare Conference, Washington, D.C.; Rev. Frederick
B. Harris, Chaplain of the Senate.
(To discuss the returning veteran's problems and how the
church can be of assistance in housing, etc.)
11:30 am (Col. August A. Busch, Jr.; Mr. Anthony A. Buford) OFF RECORD
12:00 pm Honorable James McGranery
(Requested appointment)
12:15 pm Governor Herbert H. Lehman
12:30 pm Cong. John J. Sparkman, Ala.; Cong. Leonard Allen, La.;
Cong.George Andrews, Ala.; Cong. Jos. Bryson, S.C.;Cong. Eugene Cox,
Ga.;Cong. Robert Doughton, N.C.;Cong. Harold Earthman, Tenn.;
Cong. John Gibson, Ga.;Cong. George Grant, Ala.; Cong. Sam Hobbs, Ala.; Cong. Henry Larcade, La.; Cong. Chas. McKenzie, La.;
Cong. John McMillan, S.C.; Cong. James Morrison, La.;Cong.Tom Murray, Tenn.; Cong. John Rankin, Miss.;Cong. John Riley,S.C.;
Cong. Mendall Rivers, S.C.;Cong. Bob Sikes, Fla.; Cong. Robert Slaughter, Mo.; Cong. Zebulon Weaver, N.C.; Cong. Compton
White, Idaho; Cong. John Wood, Ga.; Cong. Orville Zimmerman, Mo.;
Cong. John E. Fogarty, R.I.; Cong. J. Vaughan Gary, Va.
(Came in in the interest of Congressman Frank Boykin for appointment as Secretary of the Interior)
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:30 pm The Secretary of Agriculture [Clinton P. Anderson]
5:00 pm The Postmaster General [Robert E. Hannegan]

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