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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Friday, November 14, 1947
10:00 am Cabinet [Meeting] [minutes]
(All present except Secretary Julius A. Krug. Oscar Chapman for
11:15 am Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, Secy., Council of Bishops
of the Methodist Church
Dr. Louie D. Newton, President, Southern Baptist
Convention, Atlanta, Ga.
Dr. William B. Pugh, Stated Clerk of the General
Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the
USA, Phila.
Dr. Edwin T. Dahlberg, President, Northern Baptist
Convention, Syacuse, N. Y.
Dr. W. E. Garrison of Chicago, Ill.
Dr. Samuel McCrea Cavert, General Secy., Federal
Council of the Churches of Christ in America

(To discuss relations with the Holy See. Dr.
Cavert in asking for this stated the group had
had three-hour conversation with Mr. Myron Taylor,
and when they raised question of basic principles
involved in the appointment, Mr. Taylor suggested
that they would have to go to the President. This
group is part of the group of ten who called on the
President June 5, 1947.)
11:45 am (Mr. Marquis Child)
(Mr. Charles Ross will bring in off record)
12:15 pm Dr. Edwin B. Nourse, Chairman, Council of Economic
Mr. Leon Keyserling, Vice Chairman
Mr. John D. Clark, Member
(Dr. Edwin B. Nourse asked Mr. Matthew Connelly to arranged for one-
half hour appointment)
12:30 pm (Honorable Wm. Pauley and daughter and son)
12:45 pm The President received Members of the Loyalty Review
Board, as follows:
Honorable Harry B. Mitchell
Honorable Frances Perkins
Honorable Arthur S. Flemming
Mr. George W. Alger
Dean Harry A. Bigelow
Dr. Aaron J. Brumbaugh
Mr. John Kirkland Clark
Tom J. Davis
Dr. Burton L. French
Dr. Meta Glass
Earl Harrison
Garrett Hoag
Wilbur LeRoe, Jr.
Dr. Arthur Macmahon
Dr. Charles E. Merriman
Mr. Henry Parkman, Jr.
Seth W. Richardson, Chairman, Loyalty Review Board
Judge Albert M. Sames
Honorable Charles Sawyer
Henry L. Shattuck
Lawrence V. Meloy
    [Public Papers: Statement by the President on the Government's Employee Loyalty Program]
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:30 pm Mr. Sam Goldwyn
(Mr. Robert Hannegan asked if the President would see Mr.
Goldwyn, who is in town as he is being awarded
the Medal for Merit.)
3:45 pm (Ambassador Lewis Douglas)
4:00 pm Honorable Kenneth Royall, Secretary of the Army

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