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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files

Wednesday, May 22, 1946
    [Public Papers: Letter to the Director of War Mobilization and Reconversion Concerning the Establishment of U.N. Headquarters]
10:00 am Congressman Vito Marcantionio, New York
(The Congressman phoned Mr. Matthew Connelly about ten
days ago and asked for this appointment)
10:15 am Honorable Paul Porter
(Mr. Porter phoned Mr. Matthew Connelly yesterday and asked
for this appointment)
10:30 am The President will sign H.R. 4761, (An Act to
expedite the availability of housing for veterans
of World War Two, etc, etc.). Those attending
signing, will be: Hon. Wilson Wyatt, National
Housing Administrator; Hon. Raymond M. Foley,
Federal Housing Administrator; Sen. Robert F.
Wagner, New York; Congressman Brent Spence, Ky.;
Cogressman Wright Patman, Texas
10:45 am Honorable Leon Blum
H. E. Hon. Henri Bonnet , The Ambassador of France
(Mr. Blum, who has been in this country negotiating
a loan for France, plans to leave Washington
Friday, May 24th, to return to Paris, and has asked,
through Mr. Woodward, to be allowed to come in
and tell the President "goodbye".)
11:00 am Lt. General Edmund B. Gregory, War Assets Administrator.
11:15 am Monsignor van Waeyebergh, Louvain, Belgium
Mr. J. Cox, Brussels
Mr. E. Blancquaert, Ghent
Mr. J. Duesberg, Liege
(These are the Rectors of the four Belgian
Universities, distinguished educators, visiting
the U.S. under auspices of the Belgian American
Educational Foundation, Inc., who expect to be
in Washington May 20-23. The Belgian Ambassador, requested,
through the State Department, that the President
receive these gentlemen if convenient)
11:30 am Mr. Melvin Mayfield
(When Senator Huffman of Ohio was in last week,
he asked Mr. Matthew Connelly to arrange for Mayfield to
call on the President. Mayfield, aged 27, is
holder of Congressional Medal of Honor, and
since this appointment requested, a "box" appeared
in Washington Star, stating Mayfield on way here
to see the President to solicit his help in a
fight against a $10,000,000 flood control dam
project, which if carried through would cause Mayfield
to have to abandon his newly acquired eight acres,
plus 179 acres he operates for his father, as land
would be flooded.)
11:45 am Mrs. Jewell Swofford,
(Chairman, Employees Compensation Commission -
this arranged by Mrs. Mary E. Switzer, of Federal
Security Agency, when in to see the President
last week with the group)
12:00 pm Hon. Walter Thurston, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico
(Newly appointed, and has asked for consultation
with the President before his departure for his
post, on or about May 25th.)
12:15 pm Mr.Willard Shelton, editorial writer with
Chicago Sun -- (In city for about ten days,
and asked, through Mr. Charles Ross, to come in and chat
with the President. He saw the President
last November)
12:30 pm Mr. Malcolm Muir, Publisher of Newsweek
Mr. Ernest Lindley
(Mr. Muir is just back from Europe - Appointment
arranged through Mr. Charles Ross)
12:45 pm Mr. William Green, Pres. A. F. of L.
Mr. Matthew Woll, Vice Pres. A. F. of L.
Mr. George Meany, Secretary - Treasurer of A.F. of L.
(Mr. Green requested this at the suggestion of their
Executive Council, which is meeting in this city at
1:00 pm (Lunch)
3:30 pm Honorable Harold D. Smith, Director Bureau of the
3:35 pm (Hon. George Allen)
(Judge Rosenman)
4:30 pm Mr. A. F. Whitney; Mr. Alvanley Johnston;
The Secretary of Labor [Lewis B. Schwellenbach]; Hon. John Snyder;
Hon. John Steelman
4:45 pm Mr. J. J. Pelley; Mr. D. P. Loomis
Mr. J. P. Parrish; Mr. W. T. Faricy
5:00 pm Mr. C. J. Goff; Mr. T. C. Cashen
Mr. George Harrison; Mr. Bert Jewell
Mr. E. M. Milliman; Mr. Neal Pritchett
8:30 pm The President received 93 United States Attorneys,
and a group of Officials from the Department of
Justice at the White House.
(These men were attending United States Attorneys'
Conference being held in Wash. May 22, 23rd and 24th.
They are here from entire country as well as the
possessions, numbering 94.) The President stood
in the Blue Room and they filed past from the East
Room. Those present were: Attorney General, Hon.
Tom C. Clark; Executive Assistant to the Attorney,
Hon. Donald C. Cook; Timothy A. McInerny;
J. Howard McGrath; James P. McGranery; A. Devitt
Vanech; Wendell Berge; Douglas W. McGregor; Sewall
Key; John F. Sonnett; David L. Bazelon; J. Edward
Williams; Theron Lamar Caudle; Paul P. Rao (New
York City); George T. Washington; J. Edgar Hoover;
Clyde A. Tolson; Edward A. Tamm; Hugh H. Clegg;
James V. Bennett; Daniel M. Lyons; Ugo Carusi;
Salvador A. Andretta; J. Leighton Cornwell; George
Morris Fay; John D. Hill; E. Burns Parker;
Albert J. Tully; Patrick J. Gilmore, Jr.; Frank
C. Bingham; Raymond E. Plummer; Harry O. Arend;
Frank E. Flynn; James T. Gooch; Respess S. Wilson;
Frank J. Hennessy; Charles H. Carr; Daniel E.
McGrath; Thomas J. Morrissey; Adrian W. Maher;
John J. Morris, Jr.; Edward M. Curran; George Earl
Hoffman; Herbert S. Phillips; M. Neil Andrews;
John P. Cowart; J. Saxton Daniel; Ray J. O'Brien;
John A. Carver; Murray Carver; J. Albert Woll;
William W. Hart; Howard L. Doyle; Alexander M.
Campbell; B. Howard Caughren; Tobias E. Diamond;
Maurice F. Donegan; Randolph Carpenter; Claude P.
Stephens; David C. Walls; Herbert W. Christenberry;
Malcolm E. Lafargue; John D. Clifford, Jr.;
Bernard J. Flynn; Edmund J. Brandon; John C. Lehr;
Joseph F. Deeb; Victor E. Anderson; Chester L.
Sumners; Toxey Hall; Harry C. Blanton; Sam M. Wear;
John B. Tansil; Joseph T. Votava; Miles N. Pile;
Dennis E. Sullivan; Edgar H. Rossbach; Everett
M. Grantham; Irving J. Higbee; John F. X. McGohey;
J. Vincent Keogh; George L. Grobe; John Hall
Manning; Bryce R. Holt; David E. Henderson;
Powless W. Lanier; Donald C. Miller; Ray J. O'Donnell;
Whitfield Y. Mauzy; Cleon A. Summers, Charles E. Dierker;
Henry L. Hess; Gerald A. Gleeson; Frederick V. Follmer;
Charles F. Uhl; Philip F. Herrick; George F. Troy;
Claud N. Sapp; Oscar Henry Doyle; George Philip;
James B. Frazier, Jr.; Horace Frierson; William
McClanahan; Frank B. Potter; Brian S. Odem;
Steve M. King; James McC. Burnett; Daniel B. Shields;
Joseph A. McNamara Burlington; James A. Bough;
Harry H. Holt, Jr.; Howard C. Gilmer; Harvey
Erickson; J. Charles Dennis; Joe V. Gibson; Leslie E.
Given; Timothy T. Cronin; Charles H. Cashin;
John C. Pickett

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